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StormTrak™ tracks the  municipal response and costs associated with weather-related deployments,  maximizing funding opportunities from FEMA disaster declarations.

is a scalable cloud-based web application used by municipal — City, County & State — Public Works & Transportation  Emergency Management Responders.

What does it do?
While your team battles the public space debris-removal and clearing response to Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Flooding, Wildfires, Snow & Ice, or other natural disasters  — StormTrak™  keeps tabs on the details.

Trend Analysis

Seamlessly tracks cost & resources during an emergency mobilization – simplifying decision-making, creating budget/inventory-usage comparisons and exposing resource limitations with easy-to-use comprehensive metrics and analytics.  In the aftermath, StormTrak™ expedites the documentation-preparation phase & maximizes grant dollars from FEMA Public Assistance for Federally declared disasters / emergencies. 

  • Expedite the documentation-preparation phase for FEMA Public Assistance (PA):  Traditionally, aftermath-months are needed to document emergency response costs.  With  StormTrak™ the timeline is  reduced to mere-proofreading using neatly captured time-slice Worksheet Prep reports, providing documentation to FEMA justifying PA requests.
  • Maximize FEMA Public Assistance Dollars:   With StormTrak™ time-slice Worksheet reports, costs are captured to-the-minute, providing you with the maximum available FEMA PA  funding allowance.
  • Comprehensive Accountability & MetricsAnalyze in real-time or after-the-fact — and gauge how effective resources were used during an emergency response.  Was the mobilization an efficient use of resources?   Were the results satisfactory to the community served?
  • Analyze-Assess-Adjust:  Make necessary adjustments for active and future emergencies.  Your operations becomes agile — effectively responding to emergencies with pin-point accuracy and a cost-aware mentality.

How easy is it to use?

  • Fast Setup:  We stand-up StormTrak™ on our cloud servers, and have you up and running in 24 hours.
  • Seamless Integration:  APIs synchronize with your existing systems — People, Fleet, and other Assets.  *Premium Plan
  • Minimal Learning Curve:   Our GUI mimics an Excel spreadsheet, easy to use and navigate, making learning a snap.   Most users are proficient in less than 10 minutes.

Who are we?  Cycon Publishing Inc. is a US-based software-development & SME specializing in the Emergency Management Accountability & Analytics needs of County, City & State governments since 1996.  For more than 20 years, StormTrak™ has extended traditional Emergency Management / AVL apps by analyzing costs, budgets, resources, expenses and FEMA PA grants/reimbursements associated with weather-related events.

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