Cycon Publishing Inc. is a US-based technology business, serving the custom application software needs of commercial  businesses, Utility Companies, Federal & Municipal Government, National Museums, and more – since 1996 – with web, mobile, offline and cloud solutions.

Meet the Partners

Jane Wadsworth, President

janefaceSMProviding technical support in the area of:

  • Project & Risk Management
  • Solutions Architect, Agile / Waterfall Software Developer
  • Documentation, Presentation & Technical Writer
  • Web/Marketing, Training, Executive Brainstorming & Leadership
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In my free time…   I am an avid writer, techie, adventurer, athlete, and coach.  I have a knack for seeing the ‘big picture’, sorting the simple from the chaos, and helping others re-frame  challenges as opportunities.  My philosophy that drives my work, life and passions: Dream it. Believe it. Live it.

Patrick Todd, Vice President

15365836667_d0f3b466bb_zProviding technical support in the area of:

  • Project Management
  • Systems Architect & Integrator, Agile / Waterfall Software Developer
  • Director of Research & Development
  • Senior Software Engineer & DBA
  • Senior Electronics Technician, Building Devices & Communications
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In my free time…   I am a songwriter, composer and a musician and have a passion for performing and the arts.  I have a knack for building things (including structures, and devices) and enjoy the thrill of sailing with favorable winds.   I built a 35′ catamaran sailboat and lived off the grid (Lake Michigan) – and later lived on a 44′ catamaran (Atlantic Ocean)  before returning to land.

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