EMAA Custom & More

Need to customize EMAA?

We provide customized menus, screens, interfaces and custom mobile apps.  We will work with you to translate your custom needs into process-efficient, simple, sustainable and scalable enhancement to our core EMAA.  Our turnaround is quick, clean, and accurate.  No do-overs, or wasted time.

Other IT services we offer…

  • Subject Matter Experts:    Most software analysts & developers think “linear”. Our goal is to discover a “simple” solution for your complex needs.  Our solutions will de-clutter the chaos, saving you time and money.   We research and integrate your custom solutions using API’s — helping you achieve the most from your investment.
  • Executive Brainstorming:   We consider your requirements /challenges from different angles. We help executives reevaluate options, consider additional opportunities, and identify next steps / forward movement aligned with stated organization goals.
  • Training, Technical Writing & User Content Media:  Our custom solutions include technical reference documents and User Guide non-technical media (video, webinars, podcasts, and blog posts).  Reference materials are intuitive and designed to minimize learning efforts.  Our skilled communicators assist your staff with on-site or remote web-ex training. Training classes reflect clear concise presentations, and encourage interaction with your team
  • Presentations & Documentation:  We compile data from a number of sources to write effective, sanitized PowerPoint presentations for any tier of your organization – Executives, Senior Management, Front line managers and Technical staff.  We design status reports, press releases, executive summaries, guidance documents, project charters, governance, assessments and more.
  • Turn-Key Project Management:  We handle all coordination of resources, and see your application or software project through from start to finish.  We focus on the details, so you don’t have to.
  • Enterprise Risk Analysis:  We provide complete analysis of your data, your processes, your business model and the effectiveness of your program or project efforts — so that you can target problem areas (gaps in content, unfocused content, ineffective processes,  etc.) and make recommendations that will improve monitoring and accountability.

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