Our Technical Team

Meet the Cycon Leadership Team

Jane Wadsworth, President

janefaceSMProviding technical support in the area of:

  • Emergency Management Accounting – Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Software Solutions Architect, Agile / Waterfall Software Developer
  • Business Analyst, Training, Executive Leadership
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In my free time…   I am an avid weather-junkie, writer, techie, adventurer & athlete.  I have a knack for seeing the ‘big picture’, sorting the simple from the chaos, and helping others re-frame challenges as opportunities.  My philosophy that drives my work, life and passions: Dream it. Believe it. Live it. And Laugh just because.

Patrick Todd, Vice President

15365836667_d0f3b466bb_zProviding technical support in the area of:

  • Emergency Management Software Solutions
  • Systems Architect & Integrator, Agile / Waterfall Software Developer
  • Research & Development
  • Senior Electronics Technician, Building Devices & Communications
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In my free time…   I am a songwriter, composer and a musician and have a passion for performing and the arts.  I have a knack for building things (including structures, and devices) and enjoy the thrill of sailing with favorable winds.   I built a 35′ catamaran sailboat and lived off the grid (Lake Michigan) – and later lived on a 44′ catamaran (cruising the Eastern US seaboard)  before returning to land.

For more details…

We have extensive experience in the following areas of Software Application Engineering and Development – integrating mobile apps, .NET with XML, database, audio, video, social media and widgets to create robust business and collaborative websites.  We have successfully designed, developed and installed SQL based business applications that manage multimillion dollar government contracts — and cloud and mobile apps that keep businesses one step ahead of their competitors.

lifecycleLife Cycle Software Development

  • Agile or Waterfall
  • Best Practices
  • Requirements gathering
  • Analysis
  • Specification design
  • Version Control
  • Software Design & development
  • Iterative testing
  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Training

Databases / DBA

  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MSAccess
  • SharePoint


  • IPv4 / IPv6
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP

Software Development

  • Visual Studio / Visual Basic 2012
  • DevExpress v14.2
  • .NET programming, Forms, ASP, ASPX & components, AJAX
  • HTTP5
  • C#
  • JavaScript / Java
  • Web Services / XML / SOAP
  • Crystal Reports
  • SharePoint


  • Client Server / Distributed applications
  • Intranet database engines
  • Desktop Prototype Applications
  • Web / Internet / Cloud
  • Mobile Apps

Cloud Hosting

  • PLESK administrator

Mobile Apps:

  • HTTP5 for smartphones and tablets
  • collect and share data using TCP/IP and UDP
  • IP sensor monitoring for tablet / touch screen apps

Multi-media integration:

  •  RSS feeds integrated with .Aspx via widgets (rsspump.com, weather (NWS), newfeeds)
  • configure and integrate MIDI
  • video editing using PowerDirector
  • digital audio recordings: ringtones, MP3, WAV
  • high end videos used for training or iSocial promotions using Adobe Premier (MP4, AVI etc)

Technical Writing

  • PowerPoint Presentations (for Executives, Senior Management, Front line managers and Technical staff)
  • Documents (status reports, press releases, executive summaries, guidance documents, project charters, governance, assessments, etc.)
  • User Guides
  • Technical Specifications
  • Risk Analysis

Consulting / Training services for Businesses:

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • SharePoint
  • Domain setup & site integration
  • Google Apps Sites, Docs and APIs
  • Photoshop / and integration tools for Flickr, Google+
  • QuickBooks
  • MSAccess / MSExcel
  • Web-ex
  • Video editing and YouTube Webinars
  • SoundCloud and Podcasts
  • Blogger
  • Lulu / Amazon eBook Editing and Publishing
  • PayPal / Square
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media business presence on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterist, Google Circles
  • Marketing:  Establishing a following via Blog writing

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