Business Solutions

WordCloudShort_HZ04Our IT business & product development services are based on your needs and your budget.  We help you to translate complex into simple, sustainable and scalable. We assist you with Proof of Concept (POC), and work to translate POC’s into results that exceed your expectations.  All, within your budget and your timeline.   Our clients count on us in many different capacities, including:

Proof of Concept & Product Development

Other IT services to support your business needs…

  • Subject Matter Experts:    Most software analysts & developers think “linear”. Our goal is to discover a “simple” solution for your complex needs.  Our solutions will de-clutter the chaos, saving you time and money.   We also research and can integrate your custom solutions with API’s, other vendor products, or into your existing Apps — helping you achieve the most from your investment.
  • Senior Executive Brainstorming / Guidance:   We look at your requirements or challenges from all different angles. We provide executive brainstorming sessions, that help executives reevaluate options, consider additional opportunities, and identify next steps / forward movement aligned with stated organization goals.
  • Training, Technical Writing & User Content Media:  All of our solutions include technical reference documents and User Guide non-technical media (video, webinars, podcasts, and blog posts).  Our reference materials are intuitive and designed to minimize learning efforts.  Our skilled communicators assist your staff with on-site or remote web-ex training. Training classes reflect clear concise presentations, and encourage interaction with your team
  • Presentations & Documentation:  We compile data from a number of sources to write effective, politically sanitized PowerPoint presentations for any tier of your organization – Executives, Senior Management, Front line managers and Technical staff.  We also compose status reports, press releases, executive summaries, guidance documents, project charters, governance, assessments and more.
  • Turn-Key Project Management:  We handle all coordination of resources, and see your application or software project through from start to finish.  We focus on the details, so you don’t have to.
  • Enterprise Risk Analysis:  We provide complete analysis of your data, your processes, your business model and the effectiveness of your program or project efforts — so that you can target problem areas (gaps in content, unfocused content, ineffective processes,  etc.) and make recommendations that will improve monitoring and accountability.

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