EMAA Transforms Emergency Response

Emergency Management Accountability & Analytics (EMAA) 
For more than 20 years, our eGovernment software has extended traditional Emergency Management / AVL apps by analyzing costs, resources and needed responses associated with Weather-related events — Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Flooding, Wildfires, Snow & Ice, etc. — and non-Weather related mobilizations — Terrorism, Civil Marches, etc.  Previously sold as StormTrak™, EMAA is our next generation Emergency Management Accountability & Analytics software — and your partner for responding to weather and non-weather related mobilizations & emergencies.

  • Expedite FEMA Reimbursements:  Should your region fall under a FEMA declared emergency, EMAA’s reports are submitted to FEMA for expense reimbursement — with the precise period of payout and dollar value.   Months of time documenting FEMA reimbursements are reduced to minutes.
  • Seamless Integration:  With EMAA, you have integration APIs to bridge with your existing data — such as People, Fleet, and other Assets.  No additional data entry energy is required — EMAA will synchronize with systems you already have in place.
  • Minimal Learning Curve:   EMAA’s GUI model mimics a spreadsheet, and minimizes the need for excessive navigation and explanations..   Most users are proficient in less than 10 minutes.
  • Enterprise AccountabilityEMAA allows you to see both real-time and after-the-fact where the money and resources flow during an emergency response.  Were the expenses warranted?  Was the mobilization an efficient use of resources?   Were the results satisfactory to the community served?
  • Improve on the fly — Analyze-Assess-AdjustEMAA’s analysis-reports allow you to see how-and-where resources impacted your costs.   You have the knowledge to make necessary adjustments for future events.  And the results?  Your team becomes  agile and precise — responding to emergencies with pin-point accuracy and a cost-aware mentality.

Cycon Publishing Inc. is a US-based software-development firm, specializing in the Emergency Management Accountability & Analytics needs of County / City / State / Federal governments and Utility Companies – since 1996.  As designers, developers & SMEs, we integrate and install EMAA –  a cloud-based application that runs on web and mobile devices.

Contact us for a EMAA demo and transform your response to emergencies.

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