StormTrak™ Features

  • Up to the minute costs of your operations activities
  • All storm related information stored in one location for easy reference
  • Year round solution – can also be used for other weather issues such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding etc
  • Flexible monthly payment plan allows you to start using the product without making a capital expenditure
  • Detail, Summary, and Graphical emergency event accountability reports
  • Dashboard – Birds eye view in “Real Time” of the most important information.
  • Unlimited & flexible reporting Export / Share via PDF, MSExcel, Word (RTF) and CSV Exported data can be used in other applications as needed.
  • During the emergency: Simple data entry and 1-click Dispatch
  • FEMA snapshot reporting
  • Employee & attendance tracking (union / non union)
  • Contracted resources tracking – vehicles and personnel
  • Vehicle Dispatch & Recall (with, or without your master deployment plan)
  • Road Treatment usage & inventory
  • Roadway Inspections
  • Accident tracking
  • Weather Monitoring (StormTrak(™) automatically collects NWS weather reports into your digital filing cabinet!)
  • Calls for service and responders
  • Track vehicle breakdowns
  • Track decisions, official actions, changes to mobilization, employee or contractor issues, debriefing notes and more…

StormTrak™ keeps your emergency documents together for easy reference….

  • Each emergency….triggers an “event” in StormTrak.
  • Each “event” permanently holds every accounting transaction, notes and decisions – into one tidy “digital filing cabinet”.
  • You can retrieve and view each past emergency event at any time (yesterday….1 month ago…1 year ago…5 years ago….etc) – to justify decisions, expenditures or legal challenges.
  • dollars and hours for government fleet contractors.
  • food coupons issued.
  • road treatment.
  • personnel costs (overtime, union and non-union).
  • contractor POs and invoices are “connected” to their service provided vehicle problems and repairs
  • roadway issues and resolutions
  • calls and responses
  • accident reports
  • inspections
  • hourly weather reports
  • mobilization efforts, school closings, emergency status
  • management debriefs, event issues and concerns, best practice reviews

Request a StormTrak™ demo or quote.

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