StormTrak™ Installation Options

The StormTrak™ software is available for municipalities on a private Cloud platform (Microsoft .NET/SQL) that allows for a headache-free installation (we do the work for you) , easy 24/7 access – allowing your team to do what they do best – manage snow removal and emergency operations.   Or, we also offer an onsite installation option – where StormTrak™ resides on your network.

Cloud / Online:

Our online/cloud version of StormTrak™ is the easiest way to start using the software. We charge you a reasonable one time fee to create your domain, setup your empty database, and install the software. After that, you pay a monthly rate for unlimited 24/7 access. You may discontinue at any time – no penalties. We can also provide you with additional setup services to jumpstart your StormTrak™-Online installation.

Onsite — Clients in-house installation:

You can purchase and install a copy of StormTrak™ on your in-house server. We provide you with the same great software. Your IT team may further customize the software as needed to interface with your other existing applications. Your IT team will handle all backup and operational support.

Installation Comparison Cloud OnSite
Includes all features Yes Yes
Customizable by your IT team No Yes
Maintenance upgrades FREE Yes No
Pricing Monthly Rate

CALL for pricing
One time fee

CALL for pricing
Payment Options Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, PO PO
One time Setup Fee

(we configure your domain, setup admin accounts and setup your municipality defaults)
Yes No
Bulk Upload & Data Transfer

( additional fees may apply )
Yes No


Request a StormTrak™ demo or quote.

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