StormTrak™ Training Certification

New for FY2016…

is a re-vamped StormTrak™ Training Program that includes 3 components to enhance your skills when using the StormTrak™ software.

Part 1 – Watching a StormTrak™ Training Video:  The first part of training will include watching a video (approx 45 minutes) that will be viewed during your scheduled StormTrak™ Training Class.

Part 2 – Hands on Learning:  After watching the video, there will be a ‘hands on’ component.   This will include following the guide provided at the training center (or may be done from your office), and completing the assignments for your course.   When using the guide, make sure you have completed a minimum of ONE transaction for each section on the guide.   For example, for clocking IN – just clock yourself in.   When dispatching a vehicle, dispatch at least ONE vehicle.  Obviously more practice will improve your skills, but ONE transaction is the minimum requirement for training success.

The guide may later be used for reference during an actual storm event.  For example, these assignments may include:

  • logging in,
  • how to obtain a password you may have forgotten,
  • clock in to a shift / event,
  • clock out of a shift / event
  • dispatch vehicles
  • edit / recall a vehicle
  • running reports

Depending on the Course – the assignments may also include:

  • using the tablet version of the Salt Monitor
  • using the desktop version of the Salt Monitor
  • flagging a vehicle as ‘down’
  • Fleet features – such as recording vehicle repairs
  • Contract Plow features – such as dispatching contracted equipment
  • NHS features – dispatching and recalling NHS vehicles
  • Superuser features – such as maintaining people and vehicles
  • Administrator features – setup us a user’s profile, and merging duplicated information

Part 3 – Completing the StormTrak™ Certification Questionnaire:   After completing your course work assignments, the final step will be to take a Certification questionnaire.   You will confirm that you have watched the video based on your snow role, and have completed the assignments for your course.  Once you submit the questionnaire,   you are then Certified as having successfully completed StormTrak™ FY2016 Training.

Can’t attend the scheduled StormTrak™ Training  (or want to watch the video again)?  If you can’t attend one of the scheduled StormTrak™ Training Classes – you may still obtain your StormTrak™ FY2016 Training Certification by following these steps below:

  1. Attend a StormTrak™ Training Session  OR
    Watch the video course below that pertains to your Snow Assignment
  2. Complete the assignments for your course to self-verify your training
  3. Take the Self-Certification questionnaire

Click below to begin the StormTrak™ Training Certification Program – based on your role during snow operations:
(When completing your hands-on training assignments — verify that you are using Event #25 – which is a TRAINING event for FY2016)

Last Step — Take the StormTrak™ Certification Questionnaire when you have completed the above Video and Assignments