StormTrak™ Training Videos

StormTrak™ Training Videos are grouped into “Playlists” – which can be viewed by clicking on the links below. Each playlist includes a series of relevant videos. You can view ALL, or select specific Training Videos to view from each Playlist.

 StormTrak™ Basics 101: This StormTrak™ video training series covers the standard options that you will find throughout the system. From “how to login”, to getting the most out of sorting, grouping, filtering your reports – this training series should be viewed by ALL persons who use the software. For specific topics:

Event Operations – How and Where to enter information during an event: During a storm (snow, ice, sleet, flood, hurricane etc) you will want to be sure to use all of the options listed under Event Operations on the StormTrak™ menu.

The options under Event Operations – will let you use your Mobilization (Deployment) Plan to quickly dispatch vehicles and drivers – to routes. Also, from Event Operations, you can clock IN and OUT employees (or contractors), dispatch vehicles outside of your deployment plan, track abrasive usage, vehicle breakdowns, accidents, calls for service, roadway issues, official actions and roadway inspections. For specific topics:

StormTrak™ Reports 101: How to get the most out of your StormTrak Reports. The StormTrak detail reports – resemble a MSExcel spreadsheet. The Summary reports – include a summary TABLE and a Graphical representation. All reports can be exported to sharable file formats such as PDF, Excel or Word.

SuperUsers – Maintain the ‘behind the scenes’ information: From the Master Deployment Plan….to Vehicles…Contractors….Employees – this section represents the “backbone” of StormTrak™. Only your very KEY and KNOWLEDGEABLE data entry staff should be given access to the section called “Maintain Lists”. It’s as simple as this: If your ‘behind the scenes’ information is “good” — then you will have ACCURATE results during a Storm Event.

Administrator: Typically only 1 or 2 people have StormTrak™ Administrator rights. The administrators can access StormTrak™ security, and have access to additional customizing tools – to fit StormTrak™ to your unique needs.

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