iSlims™ Performance Work Management

Our clients have trusted iSlims™ since 2005 to monitor the performance of contractors to deliver municipal services supporting Parking Meter and Streetlight maintenance.    From routine maintenance, to shared responsibility, to long-term infrastructure upgrades – iSlims™ keeps tracks of the metrics.  The accounting.  The number crunching.  Locking contractor performance to the contract.   So you don’t have to.

What is iSlims™?   iSlims™ is web-based software that can run either on our secure Cloud – or behind your firewall on your network.  You and your staff have unlimited access 24/7 – and you have up-to-the-minute costs and monitoring of resources.

Just in the last 10 years,  iSlims™ software has helped municipalities manage annual multi-million dollar contracts to ensure that the constituents are recieving the best services for city investments in infrastructure.  The iSlims™ performance management software identifies efficiencies and inefficiencies through iSlims™ advanced analytical tools.

Click on the screenshot below for a sample of iSlims’s analytical tools



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