Parking Meters

Our turnkey iSlims™ Work Order Performance Management for Parking Meters web software continues to be the work-horse that manages keeping parking meters working for the District of Columbia since 2006.   Despite budget cuts, the Great Recession and dramatic changes in technology — iSlims™ was designed to withstand the test of time – by placing the power of information directly into the hands of the customer.

The History behind improving Parking Meters operability in DC:

Shortly after the the District of Columbia implemented a performance based work order management for Streetlights, Parking Meters was getting ready for it’s version of performance based contracts. The automation needs were both very similar – and yet unique.

The District of Columbia uses a contractor to manage the maintenance and repairs of its parking meters. Without having the tools to evaluate the timeliness and quality of it’s contractors repairs – the District relied on reports from the contractor’s own software systems.  The District need their own set of performance monitoring tools, to ensure there was no bias in the reporting.

When the parking meter repair contract came up for renewal, the District of Columbia tasked Cycon to customize iSlims™ to manage the performance criteria for parking meter repairs. With parking meters – two performance measures criteria were key to the contract: Measuring Meter Operability and Liquidated Damages for tardy repairs.

With over 16,000 parking meters in the District of Columbia – it was imperative to have the vast majority of them working – and collecting revenues. Parking meters out of service, could pose a significant loss of revenue to the city.

Measuring parking meter operability:  Thus, the birth of parking meter operability. Meters were judged daily as either operable, or in-operable. This means, the meter was either working, or it wasn’t. And, if the meter wasn’t working – then the city wasn’t collecting revenue. As an incentive built into the contract, the city cannot have a percentage of NON working meter to be less than 97% for single space meters, and 99% for multi space meters. If the numbers fell below the line of acceptance, then the contractor would be assessed penalties. It didn’t matter if the repairs were done on time, or late for meter operability. All that mattered, is the percentage that were NOT working each day. The District needed it’s performance based work management software to calculate this for them – automatically.

In addition to meter operability – a second set of contract measures were put into place. This second set of measures strictly evaluated the promptness in making parking meter repairs. If repairs were made on time – all is good. If repairs were made LATE – then penalties were assessed.

Performance based analytics:  Each month, the contractor is evaluated using iSlims™. The report with the largest dollar value of penalties is used each month – as a bill to the contractor. If the Meter Operability Report showed higher penalties than the Liquidated Damages for Tardy response Report – then the Meter Operability Report was sent to the contractor for payment.

With the aid of iSlims™, the District of Columbia Parking Meter Division continues to  assess penalties on it’s contractor – a feat it had never been able to achieve in the past. With the added incentives to meet higher levels of performance, the contractor now pays far greater attention to repairs.

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