During the Emergency Dispatch personnel and vehicles to routes with one-click deployment plans and easy-overrides to accommodate on-the-fly changes
Track materials, inventory & expenses from the field via mobile devices
Convey urgent clearing needs with drivers
Monitor accidents or incidents involving government or contractor vehicles
Operational decisions with confidence Make vehicle deployment decisions regarding needed vehicle types, availability, route deployment and needed resources/gaps (Government and Contractors)
Make personnel deployment decisions regarding needed skills from staffing to drivers (Government and Contractors)
Assess equipment breakdowns, repair efforts and replacement requirements
Automatic hourly updates from National Weather Service specific to your region for continual weather monitoring
Monitor StormTrak’s real-time Command Center for total visibility of operations
At-a-glance accountability Calculate future budget requirements based on historical costs and trends
Compare the performance with similar sized storm events to aide in making operational adjustments
Easily tailor reports for staff-level reviews to submissions to the Mayor or Councilmembers
Know where your current budget aligns actual expenses incurred for storm mitigation
Make purchasing decisions based on inventory levels of road treatments (salt, sand, brine, beet juice, other)
Optimize FEMA PA Reimbursements Use StormTrak’s time-sliced 48-hour window Worksheet Reports to automatically determine the period with the highest reimbursement dollars
Create Excel-formatted FEMA-accepted lists to include in your FEMA Disaster Declaration Submission Package
*Personnel deployment worksheets (staff and drivers)
*Vehicle deployment worksheets (Government and Contractors)
*Road treatment (abrasives) worksheets (Government and Contractors)
With StormTrak’s ready made FEMA-accepted worksheets, eliminate the aftermath processing time of preparing storm-related deployment resources and costs
Flexible Fit Unlimited filters and simple-to-complex sorting and grouping options allowing data to be pin-pointed to the most finely-tipped detail
Google Maps display the location of Road-clearing requests from constituents
Fully configurable overtime versus regular-time calculations
Training available through videos and Easy-Step guides
All reports are user-customizable and can be saved for future use
All analysis, metrics and reports can be exported to CSV, Excel, Word or PDF formats for sharing
Premium Edition Receive all of the above features, plus…
Your municipality logo appears on all screens
Unlimited simultaneous user-access  (no seat limits)
Standard APIs available to interface with Personnel, Time & Attendance, Fleet Management, Call Center & AVL for seamless integration with your existing systems. Contact us for Custom interface requirements.
Contact Us Learn more about how StormTrak can help monitor the performance of your next weather mobilization.