Core Features

During the emergency

  • Dispatch personnel and vehicles to routes with one-click deployment plans and easy-overrides to accommodate on-the-fly changes
  • Track materials and expendables from the field via mobile devices
  • Share with drivers, citizen requests for roadway clearing services
  • Track accidents or incidents involving government or contractor vehicles
  • Monitor from a Command Center Dashboard and drill down to details for total visibility of operations

At-a-glance Accountability 

  • One-click Budget Prep
  • Event Cost Trend Analysis
  • Budget Usage Analysis
  • Inventory Usage Analysis

Meaningful Analytics & Trends

  • Fleet Availability (Government and Contractors)
  • People Availability (Government and Contractors)
  • Accident Reports and Trends
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • National Weather Forecasts – Hour by hour changes
  • On the clock: Personnel and skill types
  • On the roadways: Vehicle usage, route coverage and their roles

Maximize FEMA Public Assistance Dollars (time-sliced Worksheet Reports to-the-minute)

  • Labor usage
  • Vehicle usage
  • Roadway Treatment/Material usage

Expedite submission-preparation process for FEMA Public Assistance

  • Use StormTrak™‘s FEMA Prep Worksheets for Labor, Vehicle and Roadway Treatment to capture usage and costs
  • With One-Click, export StormTrak™ FEMA Prep Worksheets to Excel spreadsheet, PDF or Word formats as needed
  • Municipalities submit worksheet forms into FEMA’s EMMIE system for processing

Flexible Fit 

  • Unlimited filters and simple-to-complex sorting and grouping options allowing data to be pin-pointed to the most finely-tipped detail.
  • Google Maps graphically reveal the location of Citizen Requests for Service
  • Fully configurable overtime versus regular-time calculations
  • Training available as YouTube videos or Step-by-Step guides
  • All reports can be customized and saved for future use by YOU as needed
  • All analysis, metrics and reports can be exported to CSV, Excel, Word or PDF formats for sharing

Premium Features

  • Includes municipality logo on all screens
  • Unlimited simultaneous user-access  (no seat limits)
  • 24/7 Read-only access to municipality StormTrak™ SQL database
  • APIs available to interface with Personnel, Fleet Management and Call Center Requests for Service minimizing data entry needs
  • APIs available to interface with AVL systems to synchronize vehicle, route and driver information
  • One-click interface with your municipalities Facebook and Twitter social media platforms