Knowledge is Key

Supplying accurate and timely information across multi-functional teams during an emergency is critical.  StormTrak provides decision-makers access to disparate content from a single source (e.g., AVL, AMS, HR, Fleet, etc.).


Multiple layers of information, ranging from wide-angle panoramic views, roll-up summaries to finite details are available in real-time.

In the storm aftermath, StormTrak tools support FEMA Public Assistance submissions (Federal Emergency Declarations) and highlight performance opportunities for future weather mobilizations.

Our customers leverage StormTrak analytics for continuous improvement in equipment readiness, roadway-clearing effectiveness, community responses, budgetary justifications, potential liability exposure and more…

StormTrak integrates with your existing Emergency Management SOP:

  • Planning — resources, asset management, budgets
  • Stand-Up Operations — mobilize resources
  • Execute Operations — take action with continual monitoring & agile decision-making
  • Stand-Down Operations — de-mobilize resources
  • Assess Performance — finance and resource analytics, centralized documentation & FEMA package prep (where applicable)

Emergency Management

  • Dispatch personnel and vehicles with one-click deployment
  • Easy-overrides accommodate on-the-fly changes
  • Track materials and expendables from the field via mobile devices
  • Share citizen requests with drivers for roadway clearing services
  • Track accidents and incidents involving government or contractor vehicles
  • Monitor operations with total visibility from Command Center Dashboard

Accountability & Analytics

  • One-click Budget Usage Analysis
  • Event cost (year-to-date or year-over-year) Trend Analysis
  • Inventory Usage Analysis
  • Fleet Availability (government & contractors)
  • People Availability (government & contractors)
  • Accident Reports and Trends
  • Equipment breakdown Analysis
  • National Weather Forecasts – hour-by-hour changes
  • On-the-clock:  Personnel and skill types
  • On-the-road:  Vehicle usage, route coverage and gaps
  • Roadway treatment / material usage

Fast Setup & Seamless Integration

Standard APIs are designed to synchronize with your existing data — (Human Resources, Fleet, AVL, Call Center and Time & Attendance) — for rapid setup and seamless integration.  StormTrak can also operate independent of existing systems, or a hybrid-mix of integration & independence —  easily configurable based on customer preference.

Minimal Learning Curve

StormTrak screens mimics a standard Excel spreadsheet, making it easy to use and navigate with a minimal learning curve.  With our intuitive format and layout, users are typically proficient within 10 minutes.

Dashboard – Drill-down Analytics
48-hour window Time-Slice Reports for FEMA Worksheet Prep
Personnel Costs / Charts – Fully configurable